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Our Story

Let us tell you a little bit about how this whole thing started!

In the 1950’s our Opa and Oma immigrated from Stuttgart, Germany to Echo Bay, Ontario to start a new life. Opa loved to bake! One of his favorites to bake and bring to any special occasion was, you guessed it, pretzels! As grandchildren we were always so excited to indulge ourselves in Opa’s soft pretzels. After his passing we wanted to continue making and enjoying his favourite thing to bake and keep the tradition going for our family!

Shortly after moving to London Ontario, we realized that there were no authentically made pretzels anywhere! On a whim and a craving, we decided to make a batch of pretzels to share with friends. Saadiya, a very close friend of ours, insisted they were the “best pretzels she had ever tasted.” Which gave us the inspiration to share our Opa’s pretzels with everyone!

Soon after, Opa’s pretzels was born!

Now you will find our pretzels in many local restaurants, breweries and cafes and of course we deliver right to your doorstep! With the support of friends, family and our loyal customers we will continue to grow. So thank you all as we strive to continue to provide you with the best tasting, authentically made German soft pretzels in Ontario and continue to source our ingredients from fellow local businesses such as Arva flour mill.

We hope our Opa is proud of us and how far his delicious pretzels have come!

The Alexander Sisters

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